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Tectograph: words and photography for architects

In a perfect world, your buildings would speak for themselves. Potential clients would take one look and see clearly why you should be their architect; magazines and juries would jump to recognize your designs.

But in the real world, buildings need words to tell their stories and pictures to reveal their design. Words thoughtfully crafted to resonate with your audience. Photographs that reflect an architect’s eye.


Words and photographs. Tectograph.



R Faleide has practiced architecture for more than 30 years and has been an architectural photographer for 18 years.

Ellin Rosenthal has been a writer for 25 years. A former journalist, she has worked in communications and fundraising. and written for a variety of audiences. 



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  • Website content
  • Text for award submittals
  • Promotional brochures


  • Magazine articles
  • Monographs

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